About Us

Designed2Learn is a cloud based Learning Management System that provides a fully accessible environment for users. With the most current tools on the market, Designed2Learn has an intuitive interface that allows for efficient organization of courses and trainings, the generation of customizable certificates, monitoring of users' performance, generation of individualized assessment reports, and more.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Promote and facilitate access to Distance Education and contribute to the quality of learning through the use of advanced technological including those with special needs (vision, hearing, or mobility impairments).

Our Vision

To be a competitive and highly qualified in leader in accessible Distance Education, providing services to corporations, independent professional and education institutions, by offering a robust platform with unique features.

Our Values and How We Will Reach Them

Innovation and quality:

  • Continuous attention to the needs and changes of technology to meet proactively the needs of our customers, partners and users
  • Continuous development and deployment of the technologies to facilitate the transmit of knowledge in a virtual environment, providing the best tools to users
  • Promotion of social inclusion within distance education in every step of the design of our platform
  • Qualified professionals with different educational, professional and cultural experiences


  • Strategic planning with short, medium and long term goals and actions, antecipating potential challenges and troubleshooting
  • Commitment with continuous search for innovative and amazing products in the online learning process

Ethics and respect

Equality to everyone

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