Accessibility Features

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard accessibility is one of the most important aspects of web accessibility. Many users with motor disabilities rely on a keyboard. Blind users also typically use a keyboard for navigation. Some people have tremors which don't allow for fine muscle control. Others have little or no use of their hands. Some people simply do not have hands, whether due to a birth defect, an accident, or amputation. In addition to traditional keyboards, some users may use modified keyboards or other hardware that mimics the functionality of a keyboard.

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When keyboard-only users interact with your site they use the tab key to jump from link to link. If you have a lot of links at the first of your page in your header or in a menu, they must tab through those every time they come to a new page just to get to the main content.

Accessible themes

Our platform offers different themes to those who have some kind of visual loss, which the background color is essential for viewing the content.

Responsive Layout

Every individual using the Internet has the right to access the same information on the web and to have a positive and equal experience. Our responsive layout aims to broaden access to information, shifting design focus beyond the ‘normal’ desktop experience to ensure availability across an ever expanding multitude of devices. It provides a flexibility that makes course contents accessible for everyone.

Captioning & Video Transcription

Captions allow the content of web audio and video to be accessible to those who do not have access to audio. Though captioning is primarily intended for those who cannot hear the audio, it has also been found to help those that can hear audio content, those who may not be fluent in the language in which the audio is presented, those for whom the language spoken is not their primary language, etc.

Use of “alt tags” in all images

The “alt” attribute is used to describe the image content for users who cannot see it, enabling the visually impaired people to get the information in the same way as people who are able to see it.

Accessible Technical Support

The user support area is accessible by all the tools mentioned.

Screen reader

Desgined2learn supports screen reader that allows all information presented in the form of text to be transformed into audio through voice synthesizer. All links and buttons present on the platform contain a clear description of the functionality of that link/button, facilitating navigation and familiarity with our platform.

Accessible Content, Quizzes, and Forum

Our platform operating system fully allows the use of tools that enable the users to do tests in formats that are accessible (i.e. multiple choice, true and false), lists, columns, tables, colors and contrasts on the background screen, in addition to the services provided by instruction designers who help clients to develop an accessible content including but not limiting to semantic structure, styles, descriptive, and hyperlinks. The accessibility also extends to the Forums.

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